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2008年2月18日 星期一

重點整理 -- H264 Over RTP 之 寶典


-- RFC3984
Article source--H264 Over RTP 之 寶典
Keyword word --
幀 -- frame
I幀 -- I frame
參考幀 -- ex: P frame

!!NOTES by Mark:

1) When assembling FU-A packets, it also needs to check
RTP sequence number
so that we can know how to
assemble fragmented FU-A packets at the right m
emory location.
If it's normal, sequence number should be incremental by 1.

2) SPS and PPS of H264 can be retrieved from the following line of SDP file
using BASE64 decoding.
a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000
a=fmtp:96 packetization-mode=1; profile-level-id=42e00d; sprop-parameter-sets=Z0LgDdoFB+wEQAAAAwBAAK/IGKAB6IAPRb3vg+OFVA==,aM41IA==

3) The order of H264 NALUs should be
SPS (NAL type = 0x7) -> PPS (0x8) , I-frame (0x5), P-frame(0x1)....